Colorado Dem Obtains 24-Hour Fishing License To Shoot Campaign Ad

Senator Michael Benneter (D., Colorado) Re -advertising He depicts him wearing outdoor equipment and threw a flying fishing line into the Arkansan River.However, local records show that millions of rich merchants are not an ordinary fisherman.According to the activity, a one -day fishing permit was obtained to shoot advertisements. axisEssence

The new advertisement is the second advertisement last month, Bennet (Bennet People inside Washington, DC.

"The worst crime that any candidate can do is because of sincerity and counterfeiters," said Dick Wadhams.I have to answer this in the campaign. "

Bennet’s campaign did not respond to the request of the comment.

Bennet saw millions of dollars of net assets during the Senate, and he was running for the former carpenter and architecture CEO Joe O’Dea. Republicans are optimistic about Bennet’s seats in the low recognition rate of Biden history.According to FiveThirtyeight, Bennet vote within 98 %.

O’Dea’s campaign is trying to describe BenNet as a member of his hometown, and he has left his hometown and made a profit of profitable him as a senator.The campaign of O’Dea stated in a recent tweet that as the average cost of Colorado is paid by the grocery, Bennet is checking the "his stock investment portfolio".

His financial disclosure form shows that Bennet’s net asset value is worth $ 31 million.A large number of money is located in the Cayman Islands hedge fund. These forms of the same form, Make detailed accounting difficulties.?Bennet also prepared hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment funds for his children.

The Bennet’s "Flying Fishing Guide" in the advertisement is not an ordinary small businessman.On the contrary, he is Greg Felt, a commissioner of Chafe County, Greg Felt, and Colorado Governor Jarid Polis (D. According to a review of voting records in Colorado, Feel’s claim in the advertisement, heIt is not not completely correct, because he voted for Democrats in several election cycles he began in 2002.

Bennet’s advertisement will be a part of the $ 1.2 million advertising campaign launched in mid -July and will be broadcast in Colorado for two weeks.None of his advertisements mentioned some milestone bills that refer to the president of Joe Biden or Bennet, such as nearly $ 2 trillion in US rescue programs in the United States. Many economists call this soaringInflation has contributed.

This Free beacon Reported early this month Bennet’s first advertisement misleaded who funded his campaign.Bennet claims that he does not accept the company’s PACS or federal lobne campaign donation, although his campaign financial records show other situations.

Bennet was appointed as his former Minister of the Interior in 2009 as his former Ken Salazar.He received only 164 votes at the Edbalist view. In the preliminary election of New Hampshire, he withdrew from the 2020 presidential election.

Simms sold to Vista Outdoors for $192.5 million

Simms Fishing Products is one of the most iconic brands in the flying fishing industry, which will be sold to outdoor business landscapes.According to the latest release of SIMMS’s new parent company, these two brands have signed the determination of Vista Outdoors to acquire Bozeman, Waders Montana manufacturers, wading boots and countless other fishing products, the price is $ 192.5 million.The investment portfolio of Vista Outdoors includes popular outdoor brands such as Camelbak, Bell, Giro, BUSHNELL and Remington guns.

Established in 1980, K.C., the long -term owner and the current executive chairman, were acquired in 1993.Walsh, Simms (Simms) has developed into one of the largest brands in the fishing industry, with an annual income of more than $ 100 million.

Chris Metz, CEO of Vista Outdoor CEO, said in a press release: "SIMMS is very suitable for our diversified lead, the investment portfolio of iconic outdoor brands."Our core can be addressable market expansion to high -level fishing categories with huge growth space .NSMS will become the central wooden board of our long -term growth strategy and will become an anchor product for our new outdoor fishing platform.Flying fishing is the natural adjacent to our outdoor product business. SIMMS provides services to the consumers of enthusiasts. It turns out that with the passage of time, it is largely resistant to decline.You can create a fishing platform for more than 55 million fishermen, while bringing long -term growth and value to shareholders in the next few years. "

The next step of SIMMS is unknown, but the parents of Minnesota announced that they plan to leave Simms on Bozeman.In addition, Vista Outdoors recently announced that its investment portfolio brand is divided into two different parts & mdash; one is used for outdoor products and one for sports products & MDASH; it indicates that it plans to be headquartered in the new outdoor product department of Bozeman.

Moreover, most of the company’s leadership capabilities seem to continue to exist.Casey Sheahan, the current CEO, will continue to operate daily operations, and Walsh will continue to serve as strategic consultants to protect and government affairs advocates.Vista also pointed out that it intends to retain the current management team of Simms and the current employee foundation, which is undoubted for the Simms 170 employees in Bozeman.

Walsh said: "SIMMS fishing products have become sports fishing, and we have used our award -winning clothing, jackets, shoes and accessories." Through our high -performance products, we encourage the fishermen to be inAdvocating healthy fisheries, responsible use and clean water spend more time on the water. Simms better partners. "

Artist Glo Ramirez, fly fishing films, helping youth cope with grief, and First Friday features

Glo Ramirez is a Puerto Rico artist and a guest of Lingítaaní. In the past six years, she regularly shows her illustration monster works.She said "I do cute but cool things" to describe her style.Her latest show opened on Alaska Robot Gallery on Friday.Ramirez sat down and discussed the art and discussed the art and discussed in this episode of Juneau Spend.

Similarly, in today’s show, we will hear the return of the flying movie tour. This is infinitely catfish and returns to you after two years of vacation.The foundation of the end of life will talk about their seminars here to help children and adolescents deal with sadness.Moreover, we will get the function of the first Friday from JAHC.


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