Hill worker wins two bronze medals at fly fishing tourney

Audrey Wilson is a Hill employee employee of the Air Force Material Command (Hill Mediel Command Management). He won two two in the Fly Casting World Championships held in Norway from August 11th to 13th from August 11th to 13th.Bronze medal.She won medals in the accuracy of catfish and SeatReout, and won the medal at a speed of 45.5 meters.Wilson recently transitioned from the Ogden Air Logistics, a member of the American actor team.

Fly fishing technique started in Scotland comes to White River

Jason Harmon (Jason Harmon) does not fish in 10 feet.He prefers 20 feet.

Harmon is a flying fishing guide on the Baihe River under the Dam of Bulls Beach. When he lives on the waters of his hometown in Buffalo, south of the mountain, he follows the rainbow or brown catfish in his hometown waters.

The 22 -foot -long flying rod is the main component of Spey Casting.This technology was developed on the Spey River in Scotland. It was widely used by salmon and hard -headed fishing people who waded on the northwest of the Pacific Ocean.

This is an ideal choice for the rivers of the fishing river, cutting the river bank or other situations. In these rivers, typical flying fishing cannot be performed.Spey Casting allows fishingmen to fish quickly and fish with big flies.

Harmon learned to cast while living in Seattle.This is the way he likes to fish on the Baihe River below the bullsho dam, also known as the tail water of the bull shallow beach.

Harmon (Harmon) took a lesson in his fishing partner among his fishing partners in a beautiful August morning in the White River in Buffalo.His preferred floating river ship is a compact inflatable solo row, which is a constraint on action.He had two ships manipulating and was ready to hit the water on the boat tunnel.

The game plan is to float six miles downstream of the Ferry Council of the Arkansas and Fish Commission.The fishingman will follow the beach boat and make some cigars for catfish.

Floating is the picturesque and pleasant drift. It starts with a long blot shadow, 200 feet or more from transparent water.The Buffalo National River flows into the Baihe half -miles from the Buffalo City to the Baihe.In the mouth of the buffalo mouth, Hammon raised a 14 -foot Spey Rod along the ship along the ship along the ship along the boat.He was wearing a small dovetail and a soft current on his knees.

Spey Casting is similar to ordinary fly fishing rolling castings, but as Harmon proves, extra steps.He raised his pole with both hands to point the tip to the sky, slightly behind him.

This will rotate the flying line behind the fishing fisherman, and then fold down the pole quickly, so the flight line rolls down on the surface and falls into the water.Hamon said it was like a "vibrant" dice.

Another advantage is that fishermen can use this technology for long casting, up to 60 feet or longer.Some of Harmon’s actors almost reached the other side of the wide Baihe.

To get a complete picture, see the Harmon demonstration of the Harmon demonstration contained in this story.

The tail water of the bull shallow beach is a sweet river that can draw a kayak.The current varies from the amount of water released by the Bull Shoals dam from 35 miles upstream of the city.

There are eight hydropower generators in the dam, while the Beaver Dam has two.When all eight rotation kilowatt -hours, the river is high and fast, and there may be dangerous floating.On the day of August, the river was very low, creating pleasant floating and fishing conditions.

The drift from the city of Bafafaro to Hipu requires a vehicle shuttle bus, and the VIP shuttle service is arranged.On the early morning ramp is his wife Laurell Matthews, perhaps the most famous Turkish hunter and outdoor chef, Phyllis Speer, the most famous Turkish hunter and outdoor chef.The co -host of the wild cooking is often seen on the top.Her performance co -host John Philpot lives in Springdale.

Harmon and Matthews are neighbors next door in Buffalo City, Speer and her husband Sam.

Harmon’s fishing friends are very happy to see Felis again.A few years ago, when Caywood had War Eagle Mill, he got a label with turkey hunting with Phyllis and her long -term friend Zoe Caywood a few years ago.Phyllis puzzled turkey in 20 minutes by hunting.The fishingman also participated in the Dutch oven cooking class with two ladies, and passed the path with Phyllis from time to time in Phyllis.

The float of the Shipp ferry is sacred, partly because there are few ship traffic on this pleasant Friday.Harmond testified that this is not the case in summer.

He said that driving out of the river on the river may cause danger to paddlers.Harmon lobby Alken Lusta’s legislators and games and fish, in the sportless area on the White River between Bharan and Cartney Access, three miles downstream.

He realized that it would be a difficult battle.At the same time, he will continue to drift downstream, Spey casting for those difficult catfish.

Small mouth, catfish combination

A beautiful floating fishing and camping adventure is floating in the Bharano National River for small mouth bass, and continues to make catfish along the White River.

The Rush Access (Rush Access) of the Rush Access of Buffalo and the fish of the fish has no river channel through the 23 -mile wilderness.This trip takes at least one night to camping.

The catfish is a fish that flows into Baihe, Buffalo, Buffalo.In the downstream of the ferry channel or other access points of the Shipp, fishing to the downstream of the catfish five miles.

Information: arkansastravelrflyfishing.com or (870) 424-0572

Source: NWA Democrat


How to learn to love small fish again

For Utah’s WASATCH FRONT & MDASH; excessive developed, drought, and general disregard of traffic law; if you are a catfish fishing man, this is an excellent place for life.River and streams are only a few minutes away from big cities and towns, and catfish are always closer to 20 inches.It is the kind of fishing fish.

It must have spoiled me.

I moved from the front of Wasatic in Wyoming to the bottom of the Bighorn Mountains.I traded a deal, terrible drivers, terrible winter reversal and high -price skiing, to relatively unfinished landscapes in northern Wyoming.The SHOSHONE River, part of the big horn Montana and Kasper’s North Prate within a few hours in my new place.I can ski at a local resort at a price of $ 45 every day. I found a house I can actually afford (the west is rare today).The recent catfish stream has been in less than half an hour.

At first glance, it is the perfect stream.The lower part is all the pocket water, and Lu Re’s falling one of the most beautiful canyons in the West.The upper part is dotted with grass, deep swimming pools and urgent Brook catfish, almost willing to fly.

After the first visit, I should not leave the stream.I hatred I feel this.However, after many years of big catfish spoiled, I turned my nose to the small fish living in the new home.Moving to Wyoming is definitely the right career, but I just felt some accusations in order to leave such an excellent fishing in Utah.

Just like I said & mdash; I was spoiled.Because I often oppose the Instagram culture that seems to only celebrate the big fish, but I did not consciously acknowledge this fact.

However, in the past few months, what I want to re -discover is that the small fish should get the same love as the elder brother.Although they may not test your resistance, small catfish will bring their own series of unique challenges.

Accurate casting

Small catfish usually live in smaller streams. This is an exact water. Fortunately, it can only be a few minutes from my front door.Fish tends to gather in a calm water bottle, especially when the traffic is low at the end of the cruel and hot summer.Good drift in these pockets requires excellent casting.Of course, it will not win a reward of the award, but it will force you to become very accurate.The creek circulation is often crowded with a hanging brush, which means that you need to keep the flies away from the trees, if you can change them every time.

I think it is easier to make short casts accurately than actors, but mechanics are basically the same.If you are accurate at close range, I think you can also shoot a good shot when you are accurate.

Time hook

Set up a hook is about the timing, and how important it is to teach you how important it is.Although they often hook anything about themselves in the fanaticism, it is easy to put hooks in too early and completely miss the fish.Or, you will eventually stain it and may kill the poor things.

Although this is a different time compared to the big fish you are accustomed to, and the fish of fishing in fishing has strengthened the need to respond properly when fish flies.It is easy to drive autonomous driving, especially if you often fish the same water.Xiaoyu needs to keep paying attention because you never know how they seize your flies.

Good drift

Even if they are famous for their cautiousness, they can still emit a good drift from a bad catfish.Usually, the difference between a beautiful day and the beautiful day of capturing the small fish is attributed to drift.I watched some catfish in my new stream; the entire five -inch long & mdash; rejected my stem flies because its resistance was too great.


As the legendary character Gary Borger explained, the big fish provided the fishermen with the opportunity to "pretend to be true".In Garry’s words,

Remember the old saw, is "practical perfect"?Guess what to do?If a person only does wrong, then one person will only be completely wrong.Instead of seeing a small fish as troubles, or a waste of good fishing time, they regard them as an excellent opportunity for training skills to learn from errors and practice.For example, the cat learned to hunt the cubs through the rear of the nearest adult GNU through the rear of the nearest adult GNU.The female cat brings a small game, which is usually injured game for the bear "practice".They learn to get large games through the necessary skills to develop small games.

In a good actor lineup, the time of time of the hook suit, and get a good drift, the catfish needs of the fishingman is as many as the big fish.However, maybe their best qualities are their ability to remind fishermen’s true important things.Fishing experience.Capture small catfish is usually easy, but it is always interesting.It will never smile on my face.Therefore, even if your local catfish stream is full of hindrance stream catfish, and you pass it to the longer water "better" water, I suggest you re -examine the small fish again.Maybe they will remind you like me. We are lucky and lucky to fish completely. We should not think of it for granted.