Fly fishing technique started in Scotland comes to White River

Jason Harmon (Jason Harmon) does not fish in 10 feet.He prefers 20 feet.

Harmon is a flying fishing guide on the Baihe River under the Dam of Bulls Beach. When he lives on the waters of his hometown in Buffalo, south of the mountain, he follows the rainbow or brown catfish in his hometown waters.

The 22 -foot -long flying rod is the main component of Spey Casting.This technology was developed on the Spey River in Scotland. It was widely used by salmon and hard -headed fishing people who waded on the northwest of the Pacific Ocean.

This is an ideal choice for the rivers of the fishing river, cutting the river bank or other situations. In these rivers, typical flying fishing cannot be performed.Spey Casting allows fishingmen to fish quickly and fish with big flies.

Harmon learned to cast while living in Seattle.This is the way he likes to fish on the Baihe River below the bullsho dam, also known as the tail water of the bull shallow beach.

Harmon (Harmon) took a lesson in his fishing partner among his fishing partners in a beautiful August morning in the White River in Buffalo.His preferred floating river ship is a compact inflatable solo row, which is a constraint on action.He had two ships manipulating and was ready to hit the water on the boat tunnel.

The game plan is to float six miles downstream of the Ferry Council of the Arkansas and Fish Commission.The fishingman will follow the beach boat and make some cigars for catfish.

Floating is the picturesque and pleasant drift. It starts with a long blot shadow, 200 feet or more from transparent water.The Buffalo National River flows into the Baihe half -miles from the Buffalo City to the Baihe.In the mouth of the buffalo mouth, Hammon raised a 14 -foot Spey Rod along the ship along the ship along the ship along the boat.He was wearing a small dovetail and a soft current on his knees.

Spey Casting is similar to ordinary fly fishing rolling castings, but as Harmon proves, extra steps.He raised his pole with both hands to point the tip to the sky, slightly behind him.

This will rotate the flying line behind the fishing fisherman, and then fold down the pole quickly, so the flight line rolls down on the surface and falls into the water.Hamon said it was like a "vibrant" dice.

Another advantage is that fishermen can use this technology for long casting, up to 60 feet or longer.Some of Harmon’s actors almost reached the other side of the wide Baihe.

To get a complete picture, see the Harmon demonstration of the Harmon demonstration contained in this story.

The tail water of the bull shallow beach is a sweet river that can draw a kayak.The current varies from the amount of water released by the Bull Shoals dam from 35 miles upstream of the city.

There are eight hydropower generators in the dam, while the Beaver Dam has two.When all eight rotation kilowatt -hours, the river is high and fast, and there may be dangerous floating.On the day of August, the river was very low, creating pleasant floating and fishing conditions.

The drift from the city of Bafafaro to Hipu requires a vehicle shuttle bus, and the VIP shuttle service is arranged.On the early morning ramp is his wife Laurell Matthews, perhaps the most famous Turkish hunter and outdoor chef, Phyllis Speer, the most famous Turkish hunter and outdoor chef.The co -host of the wild cooking is often seen on the top.Her performance co -host John Philpot lives in Springdale.

Harmon and Matthews are neighbors next door in Buffalo City, Speer and her husband Sam.

Harmon’s fishing friends are very happy to see Felis again.A few years ago, when Caywood had War Eagle Mill, he got a label with turkey hunting with Phyllis and her long -term friend Zoe Caywood a few years ago.Phyllis puzzled turkey in 20 minutes by hunting.The fishingman also participated in the Dutch oven cooking class with two ladies, and passed the path with Phyllis from time to time in Phyllis.

The float of the Shipp ferry is sacred, partly because there are few ship traffic on this pleasant Friday.Harmond testified that this is not the case in summer.

He said that driving out of the river on the river may cause danger to paddlers.Harmon lobby Alken Lusta’s legislators and games and fish, in the sportless area on the White River between Bharan and Cartney Access, three miles downstream.

He realized that it would be a difficult battle.At the same time, he will continue to drift downstream, Spey casting for those difficult catfish.

Small mouth, catfish combination

A beautiful floating fishing and camping adventure is floating in the Bharano National River for small mouth bass, and continues to make catfish along the White River.

The Rush Access (Rush Access) of the Rush Access of Buffalo and the fish of the fish has no river channel through the 23 -mile wilderness.This trip takes at least one night to camping.

The catfish is a fish that flows into Baihe, Buffalo, Buffalo.In the downstream of the ferry channel or other access points of the Shipp, fishing to the downstream of the catfish five miles.

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Source: NWA Democrat


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Love Fly-Fishing? Check Out This Wyoming Ranch That’s For Sale

If you are a big fly, like hunting and always looking for your own Wyoming Paradise, then your search may have ended.

The camp river ranch in southern Waioming is being sold.The price label is $ 7.2 million. From the appearance point of view, every penny is worth it.

Obviously, the life of the pasture is not a relaxed life, but if you are full of enthusiasm for the ranch, fishing and hunting, then this 512 -acre pasture is on your pavilion.

The ranch is about 1 mile of the blue ribbon winner camp rivers through it. The ranch is part of a huge large -scale game hunting area, near some world -renowned places to visit the pasture.

There are two houses on the pasture, a 1800 -square -foot single -story house and a two -story house of 1584 square feet.Add 2254 square foot storage building.

How cool it will be surrounded by the medicine bow and the Madre Mountains and Mountains.Can you imagine that you wake up to drink coffee when you look at a part of the mountain?

The pasture is located 7100 feet, 20 miles from Salatga, Wyoming

This place seems to be a dream of outdoor activities.Fishing, white tail and Mzo deer tender, water poultry hunting and small games.In addition, as the national forest land is closed, you may also hunt elk and moose.

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Fridays on the Fly: Massive Musky Pulled From Fontana Lake

Friday immediately: the huge musk pulled out from Lake Fengtana

  Last month, a North Carolina fishingman was very pleasantly surprised when Fontana Lake was caught in a huge musk when Fontana Lake was caught in a huge musk.

  According to the North Carolina State Wildlife and Plant Resources Committee (NCWRC), Captain Kyle Fronrath of the Fontana guidelines performed 52 inches in late September and weighed as high as 32 pounds. This is 9 pounds worse than the entire country.

  "This is a long fish-52-inch-but the record volume of the Wild Animal Resources Committee is only 32 pounds, and the current record is 41.5 pounds," NCWRC spokesman Jodie Owen told "Ashville Citizen Times. "Therefore, it did not break the existing record."

  The fish was captured near the side of Odaka Lake in Fontana Lake, and was defeated in a 6 -minute battle. According to Fronrath, this seems to be even longer.

  FRONRATH said in his "Citizen Times" interview: "When trembling and trembling in the battle, the amount of water flowing is incredible." "This is a very stubborn battle. Everything happened so fast, but At the same time, just like slow movements. "

  It is worth noting that the Fronrath of musk captures wild varieties, not more common storage versions.


  Fonrath, who has the Fontana guidelines, has been pursuing Wild Mostky for ten years on Fontana, and his recent fishing marks are only his second contact during that time.

  Want to hook your musk wood? Click here to get a reminder about the fishing fly.