A Relaxing One-Day Float Trip: Packrafting and Fly Fishing the North Fork of the Gunnison River

Easy to float on a day of floating: Paclaf and Flying Diaoyu Gangnison River North fork

You don’t have to be an outdoor and outdoor or woman to enjoy Packrapting.This is an outdoor sports that is friendly to beginners, and it is interesting to everyone!(Braden Gunem photo)

The north fork of the Gunnison River in southwestern Colorado is an incredible place to visit, providing a moderate (or half -day) buoy for individuals and families.This is the first time I was introduced to the place where Alpacka Raft and Packrafting.

If you have never heard of or packrafting before, this is an interesting and exciting event that allows you to cross the land and water at the same time.A small light raft is called Packract.Due to its size and weight, you can easily bring the bag into your packaging with other gears.It is very suitable for short -distance and long -distance hikes, or when you want to float back to the initial position.

Alpacka raft scout packaging
Alpacka Raft’s scout is a light packaging, which is very suitable for short rivers.(Braden Gunem photo)

The packaging has various shapes, size and durability.The package you should get depends on which type of adventure you intend to use.Alpacka Raft has a variety of fillers, designed for all types of use.Whether you are a hunter or wanting to enter the wilderfunder who is difficult to touch the wilderness watercourse, you have experienced Afters, high -energy white water rapids like paddling, or a novice paddle, looking for a leisurely river floating experience, Alpacka Raft owns PackraptSuitable for this job.

In order to perform easy -to -float travel, such as floating Gunnison Hebei fork, I recommend Alpacka RAFT’s scout Packract.Its weight is only 3.8 pounds, which is very suitable for mountain lakes and short river floats.This is the packaging of the Gannison River that I floated last fall.The scouts are light and durable, and are built with a lightweight 210-Denier sylonic tube fabric (hull) and 420-Denier nylon (floor).

Hiking along the river
Parkv can make you combine your love for hiking and drift.(Braden Gunem photo)

The Gunnison River is through the southwestern part of Colorado and is considered one of the gold medal fishing water in the state. It provides high -quality brown, Cutthroat and Rainbow catfish.It winds through half of Colorado, and in the process of creating an amazing canyon and Class I.

Map of Xiagangnsen River in Colorado
North fork of the River Gogansen River in Colorado.(Google Map)

Although Gunnison River has become the favorite destination of extreme R children due to its fierce and fast -paced white water, it is also popular with easy -to -float and fishing journey.

Gangnison River in Colorado
The Gunnison River is one of the metal waters in Colorado.(Braden Gunem photo)

If you are pursuing a short painless hiking trip and relax on the water, consider the lower part of the drifting Gunnison River from Delta or above.This section is very suitable for family and fishermen, because the rapids flow of Bai Shui are very mild (only composed of level I), and it is just a short walk.In fact, this is the first time I have experienced Packrapting. From then on, I have a itch to return and do it again.

Floating along the river of Packraft
Nothing is easier than floating in the river.(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

In September last year, I met some of the outdoor industry professionals from the Alpacka Raft team and the Gunnison River Pleasure Park. I carried out a brief hiking trip and some leisurely buoys, and had some flying fishing.The Gunnison River Pleasoning Park is located in the place where the Gunnison River in the Gunnison River in the North fork and Colorado.This is a good place for parking and entering the river for rowing and fishing.

Packrapting Gunnison River in Colorado
Packrafraf on the North fork of Gunnison River in Colorado.(Braden Gunem photo)

The co -founder and owner of Alpacka Raft, Thor Tingey, brought two Packract models that day. We can float on the same day and scouts (a ultra -light PackRaft) and Ranger (a single hunting and fishing and fishing).The scout is part of the Alpacka RAFT ultra -light series and will become an excellent beginner of the family.It is an ideal size ship used for solo paddlers. It is durable and can be used daily on lakes and rivers.The larger forest guard is part of the remote area hunter and fishing series. This series is designed for athletes and women who want to enter the Wilderness Waterway.Forests are first -class river hunting and fishing bags.It is large enough to carry all fishing gear and coolers.You can use it for water poultry hunting and have space to bring your bird dog.It also has a large number of mid -to -large games (such as reindeer or deer) load capacity.

Learn how to inflate Packrat
The co -founder and owner of Alpacka Raft, Thor Tingey, demonstrated how Packrapts was inflated.(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

After reviewing the function of Packrafts, Tingey and his team demonstrated how to use inflation bags to properly expand ships.(Scouts and rangers have inflation bags.) Filling Packrapts is much simpler than I expected.

I paired with the boy Army Parkov.Rolling up, the scouts can easily suitable for most standard size hiking kits to facilitate carriers.I happened to use my small and powerful snowman crossroads of 22 liters, so I used several recommenders to fix the rolled rafts on it.It’s great!Who knows that carrying a boat/raft may be so easy?

Put the rolling Packract in the backpack
The boy’s Army Parker rolled up enough to carry it in the backpack.(Braden Gunem photo)

Once we are all ready to inflatable and store our packaging, each of us is tied to the personal floating device (PFD) and starts on foot on foot along the North fork of the Gunnison River.Soon after, we needed to continue hiking along the other side.For the sake of crossing the river, we used a basic paddle technology called "Ferry Side".We face the upstream bags of the upstream bags from a certain angle, and then quickly draw paddle to avoid downstream promotion.We arrived on the other side of the river one by one, then packed the boat and took the trail.Surprisingly, the canyon was not crowded at all.We saw other flies fishingrs and several kayak athletes, but this was almost the same.

Gangnison River in Colorado
Don’t forget your camera!(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

Make sure to bring the camera because the scenery during the walking is amazing!From the glittering river to the canyon wall with ancient rock layers and the swallow nest, there are many opportunities for photos.However, be careful, plants along the river are scattered with poisonous vines. Therefore, if you plan to make this trip, consider wearing trousers and lightweight long -sleeved shirts.(If you are not familiar with poisonous vines and how to identify poison, please do some research in advance. You should know how to identify poison IVY and any other toxic plants, and then perform any type of outdoor adventure.)

Cliff Swallow Nest
The cliff swallows built nests by the cliff.(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

We traveled for a few hours, appreciated the beautiful scenery, and then stopped half of the lunch until we reached the end of the trail.This is the point where we plan to jump into Mrs. Parker and follow the north fork of the Gunnison River, and return to the trail of our start.If you travel with your children, you can jump into the river at any time.You don’t need to hiking for a few hours to make the family interesting.

This is a long and relaxed afternoon floating along the river.We occasionally pull to the side, get rid of the dilemma, and do some flying fishing.We also fish directly from the raft when floating, although the current is difficult.I hooked two fish that day, but unfortunately, they broke before I had the opportunity to get in.

Fishing from packrapt
You can fish from packaging products, you can fish from PACK, and then go out to fly fish.(Braden Gunem photo)

I found that the Tsingtong Army simply opened and inflated, and it was easy to manipulate on the river and river.Like myself and paddle, I installed a backpack comfortably, a small dry bag, and an orvis Helios 3F 5 weight rod with a phantom scroll, still there is still space.For a longer river trip, the ranger will be more ideal, because it provides additional carrying capacity, which means more gear space.

When we finally arrived at the trail, we left the river, packed the suitcase, and enjoyed a well -deserved beer.

Packrafting and Fly, Diaoya, Gonnison River in Colorado
It is planned to be packaged all day or half a day, and provides a flying fishing trip to the family on the Gunnison River.(Braden Gunem photo)

Planning outdoor vacation may be difficult, which will make the entire family please.If you are looking for a family -friendly outdoor event with flying fishing opportunities, I suggest you get some Packrapts and plan to float under the Rakaigansen River in Colorado.My first hit experience was an explosion!I can’t wait to return there, looking forward to re -examining the river with my family.

The story of Alpacka Raft began in 2000. At that time, Sheri Tingey combined his kayak and clothing design knowledge with his son Thor’s idea to create better packaging for remote areas.They jointly created their first packaging "White Ship", which is very popular for the Paclaf community.

The company recently celebrated 20TH Anniversary and its founder, the movie "Sheri".How Sheri completely changed the story of the outdoor industry and the obstacles she had to overcome to launch Alpacka Raft, which was absolutely fascinating.If you are interested in watching this movie, visit https://alpackaraft.com/sheri to get more information and the upcoming viewing opportunities.

Inflatable sheepstone raft Packrapt
Use inflation bags to inflatter the bag.(Braden Gunem photo)

Inflatable sheepstone raft Packrapt
If you have a pump, use it to stand out in the air in the box.(Braden Gunem photo)

Poisonous vine on the tree
Poisonous plants contain Uluchitol, which is an oily substance that may cause allergic reactions.(John_p_anderson / Shutterstock photo)

These attractive phrases can help you identify the characteristics of poisonous vines:

Project Healing Waters helps veterans use fly fishing to heal

Bozman, Monte.-Inded the treatment of water fishing on Water Fishing on Thursday to hold an annual national fly casting competition in Bozman.

The top 14 veterans from all over the country won local and regional competitions at 8:00 am to understand who is the best.The competition is held at Kagy Fields at the Montana Campus.

Project Healing Waters is not only their annual competition, but also helps them help disabled people and injured veterans throughout the year, so that they have a sense of community and support, thus recover from their experience.

Many veterans feel lost at home when they return from the war. Project Healing Waters Coo David Folker said that this has helped him and thousands of other retirees recover on their spirit and physical recovery after retirement after retirement.Essence

"It is great to be able to connect with each other to the veterinarians who can make the disabled and carry out these group activities. It is great to establish each other. We don’t promote it as a supporting group," Fox said.

They have more than 200 regional plans, including a plan of Bozeman. They meet throughout the year, tie flies, build rods, learn, practice and hit the river.

Jim Wenger, the person in charge of Bozeman’s plan, said they welcomed anyone who welcomes the VA disabled rating to join their community.

If there are any disabled veterans who want to join the Bozeman project Healing Waters program, you can contact Jim Wenger (Jim.Wenger@projecthealingWaterg), or you can find the link of the website here.

BRAD DYE: On River Time and changing lives through fly fishing

A peace can be found in the river and streams.When I hiking or camping, if there is a choice, I hope my tent is near the sound of flowing rivers, streams or Bab streams.This is a relaxed sound for me, even artificial, because I choose the most commonly choosing sound when I use the sleep sound machine.

There is no doubt that the sound and feeling of river and streams are one of the reasons I fall in love with flying fishing.As I wrote before, after a day of fishing, I left the water, and I felt changed. Capture catfish was just a beautiful reward in the process.

In the words of the author John Gierach, "I believe in solving any problem solutions-work, love, money, everything to fish, and the worse the problem, the longer the journey." Flying. "Flying."Fishing can escape the troubles of life, rest, recover, and cure at many times.

Google Search, which quickly searches for fishing therapeutic ability, reveals the benefits of holding on the water with the flies, from emergency personnel and disabled veterans to adults and children who abuse and abandon.

In a flying fishing journey at the recently in Id Owen’s Palisades Creek hotel, I have the opportunity to learn more about an organization based on Alabama Birmingham.

Steve Davis established a river time in 2012, "the child aims to help abuse and ignore children."

Non -profit organizations are currently cooperating with the large oak ranch in Alabama. Children’s House and Hope Children’s House and Creek Ranch, who are still in Texas, said, "LifetimeIt was once a child who had been a child who had been abused and ignored in his life. "

When Davis was established in the river era, he was a victim of abuse when he was a child. He tried to provide him with peace and clarity that he served him through the fly fishing on the snake river.According to Garner, in 2012, Davis shared his story at Davis’s director of Big Oak Ranch, John Croyle, and then, then, then,He asked him if he could bring a group of children and accompany the fly fishing, so that they could experience what he had experienced on the river.

Since the first trip ten years ago, the river has been busy affecting children’s lives.As Garner explained, CAMP provided an opportunity to tell each child in the "fish!" Of the river era: "You are not defined by what happened. You can have hope and future, and there areBeautiful days. "

The camp includes flying fishing for two days on the snake river, in the hut of Palisades Creek, and then white water rafting and one -day trip to Grand Teton National Park.

"We try to give them a world -class trip, which is very interesting, but in many cases, we talk deeply about things and let them know that they are valuable and valuable and love, and God has a plan." Ghana said: "This is once this is once it is a time.Good experience. "

In addition to the flying fishing experience in Edhata and the adventure experience of Wyoming, the group also provided a full-year program for young people aged 18-22. They planned from each house to university and university andProfession.

Representative success, opportunities, attitudes and toughness Soar is a life skills plan. The themes and guidance include etiquette courses and how to write thanks for your notes, communication and job search skills, resume writing, and simulation interviews.

Ghana said: "We focus on practical life skills to help them prepare for the success of independent adults." The organization also provides all year’s guidance and university and vocational scholarships to help success.

Speaking about children abuse.According to the data on the river time website: In the past year, one child has been abused or ignored. It reports 2.9 million cases of child abuse in the United States each year, and the possibility of being arrested for children to be arrested as a teenager is 59 %. In addition,The possibility of violent crimes is 30 % higher.

Steve Davis has a vision that affects these numbers, which is a vision of fishing.In his words, "My soul lifts up on this river, and I want to share this experience with these children."

If you want to participate in the vision, visit www.onrivertime.org and donate.Until the next time, the time of the river here and the work of their abused and neglected children, here is changed in the river, here, here to meet you outdoors outdoors.

Send an email to the outdoor columnist Brad Dye via Braddye@comcast.net.


Simms Fishing’s Guide to What to Wear Under Waders


  Unlock the problem of wading related to wading

Today is one day.You already have a lot of planning to spend a long day of hiking in the wading, find a riser, and play on a natural playground.You take out the rods and scrolls. Some flies may be free once or twice.You are going to enter the wader, look down at the blue jeans, and think to yourself, "There must be better things than this." And you won’t know -yes.

  From the hottest days on Henry’s fork to the coldest and coldest days, the bottom layer is essential items, which can maintain the water -related amount.That part is obvious.However, choosing the right layer for your specific fishing situation may not be obvious.

  Read the following reading to understand some of the correct clothing options we think are used to complete different fishing scenarios under the wader.

  Best wearing and avoiding a small amount of materials from Wadersunder

  Before wearing wading, keep in mind what you keep in mind -although this season, you may sweat to some extent.Whether you travel in the snow in the hot summer or baked in the sun, you will become hot in wading.Wearing clothes under the wader, breathing and drying from the skin are the key.Finding a base layer containing polyester is a test of real hygroscopic material.Other materials to be considered are:


Deed rubber wading

If you accidentally have a pair of chlorherye wading, the clothes you wear under the wader will be somewhat different.The deed rubber wading is less than breathable because their purpose is to keep warm in winter.You need to wear materials for entertaining moisture to make polypropylene and wool suitable for a great choice for rainfalls. 

  Pro: Tips -Avoid cotton!

Regardless of your wading material, all the waders have one thing in common: avoid wearing cotton at all costs!Cotton is very hydrophilic (that is, love water), which means that if it is wet, you are almost unfortunate.No one is willing to be humid and humid during fishing, especially at the cold temperature, so there is no cotton in the next fishing journey.

  Socks and wading

If you intend to fish mostly in a warm month, StockingFoot is an ideal choice.They are lighter and bulky than Bootfoot Waders.However, you need to buy a pair of separate wading boots before departure.Putting on the socks above the ankle is always a good idea to prevent rubbing chlorine rubber in the stolen goods of the wader.

  As for what shoes these wading shoes to wear, men and women there have various wading boots.If you intend to enter the rockwater area, you need to ensure that the wading boots or shoes have a solid traction.If this is the case, look for boots with tremolo or feeling sole.Otherwise, the wading boots of rubber shoes will be very good.

  Boots wading

Unlike the StockingFoot water -related device, Bootfoot Waders has the advantage of built -in boots, which means that you don’t have to worry about a less equipment.Although the socks are more bulky than the socks, the rudeness of the boots and wading makes them very suitable for cold days.Boots are also those who plan to fish from the beach because the beach cannot pass.

  Whether you choose to use Stockingfoot or Bootfoot Waders, you need to invest a pair of high -quality wading socks.Similarly, avoid cotton, but choose a pair of wool or chlorine rubber socks.

  Before wearing wading, keep in mind what you keep in mind -although this season, you may sweat to some extent.Whether you travel in the snow in the hot summer or baked in the sun, you will become hot in wading.

  Let’s start from the bottom -socks.SIMMS provides a series of Merrust wool socks for any season and any scene.Putting on the socks above the ankle is always a good idea to prevent rubbing chlorine rubber in the stolen goods of the wader.The longer socks can also make you choose to stuff the leg layer in to prevent the skin from resting directly on the water -related device and cold points. 

  For the warm summer month, the lightweight crew socks of the guide will become your best friend.In a cool month, the air temperature is more variable, and the side -side -side -in -middle -mid -term medium OTC socks with cooler water temperature will be the perfect choice.We recommend using the tour guide’s OTC socks for any cold weather fishing or water that keeps less than 45 to 50 degrees.When the weather becomes cold, when the blood flows to your feet in cold weather, you must be cautiously layered socks, which will only make you get colder faster.


  Of course, according to the season, your clothes will be slightly different.This is a brief guide, which introduces what wears wading in cold and warm weather.

  According to your residence, the temperature of summer ranges from the warmth of the pleasant to the hot temperature.When buying summer fishing and clothing, you need to ensure that clothing has both hygroscopic materials and sunscreen materials.When the summer enters, it is wise to invest in various warm weather flying fishing and clothing in wading, including:

  Lightweight pants/shorts -a pair of lightweight pants (or shorts, hot days) will help you keep cool and dry.To buy a pair of zipper pants, you can match the two!Jacket -high -quality jacket -especially rain jacket -in those days, the forecast looks a bit unfavorable.Fishing shirt -Find a light fishing shirt, wading and SPF function under the wader.Hat -Whether it is a sun hat or a truck driver hat, various hats in the closet will provide you with long -lasting sunscreen.To avoid using bugs, select a special mosquito net hat.SUNGAITER -Find a breathable sungaiter with built -in SPF to resist sunburn and annoying bugs.

Shoes and sandals -warm temperature is almost barefoot.You can wear a good pair of water -related sandals or shoes in water or ships in water.

  For the rest of this year, you will hope to pay more attention to the basic layers and calories we provide.Even on the cold side of cold days, you will always be more comfortable to the insulation layer of a certain level.Men’s lightweight and medium -core bottom and the middle bottom of the men’s wool are the ideal choice of intermittent weather and water conditions. 

  In terms of women, women’s lightweight cores are suitable for the same situation as the bottom of the women’s wool.The middle layer of the wool is in a warm spectrum state, so it is best to provide it at the temperature of early spring and autumn.


Summer leg layer

In warm summer, you can usually escape a pair of light pants under the wader instead of the core bottom.Because wool is more insulating, it focuses on fast pants such as Superlight Pants or Fast Action Pants.For the ladies fishingman there, Bugstopper’s leg tie and Mataura Pant are the ideal choice for the year at this time.In this way, your legs and waders will still have an obstacle to draw a little water from the skin, but it will not beolate the calories of the leg.


  In terms of fishing in winter, you need to keep three things in mind: layers, layers, layers.It is best to prepare and fall off the layer, rather than being forgotten by the cold.There are a large number of women and men at the grassroots level for you to choose, but some basic works in the cold weather include:

  Water -related jacket -Find an insulating jacket with hoodie to keep you warm and dry.Wool sweater -semi -zipper wool sweater is the ideal middle layer of cold weather, which can be worn alone in the gentle winter.Chang John/Leg -tie -Winter Flying Fishing must be a pair of high -quality long underwear or leg tie.They can wear warmth under their pants, or wear it alone in early spring.Insulation pants -very suitable for those very cold days, a strong insulating pants will provide you with unparalleled warmth all day.SUNGAITER -SUNGAITER not only protects your face from wind, sunlight and cold violations, but also adds additional warmth on the neck.Hat -invest in high -quality nor -free urine hats to make you as warm as possible.Gloves or gloves -cold hands or fingers are an inevitable way to cut fishing.Invest in a pair of high -quality gloves or gloves to prevent colds.

Boots and socks -Make sure your wading boots are close to your feet to keep your feet dry and wear a pair of high -quality Merrust wading socks underneath to maximize warmth.

  Winter leg layer

If you expect to spend this day in the frozen air temperature and cold water, then finding a multi -layer bottom will help capture the heat close to the body.This is the bottom bottom of the EXSTREAM core, the pants, even the midstream insulating pants, and the women’s Coldweather’s pants.For the autumn/winter you need insulation, the core of the core will be very suitable for you, but it may also be from the location to the spots.

  Fjords and insulation pants are suitable for extreme conditions you know that you will get cold throughout the time.If you have to spend a long time wading instead of hiking, consider the combination layer.For anyone who spent a day, the longer the time when it stands in 35 degrees, the calories will slowly sucked away from the legs.Combining several layers of layers, such as medium core or middle layer of wool, will provide you with the best warmth under a relatively heavy fjord or midstream insulating pants without adding too much under the waderBulk.  


For each fishing scenario, it usually takes some time to make the perfect layered formula, so please mix it until you find the most comfortable thing.Nothing is worse than trying to take off the wader during this period to adjust the leg layer.In the cold day, please try your best to make the corresponding plan.

  Regardless of season or weather, you must wear properly wearing flying fishing.Overall, it will not only make your health and safety crucial, but this is essential for your health and safety. 

  Simms fishing products are the first destination for all your flying needs.Whether you want to find a perfect wader or new clothes involved in wading, we will cover you.Buy our men and women today to fly fishing and clothing to meet your favorite new fishing companion