Colorado Dem Obtains 24-Hour Fishing License To Shoot Campaign Ad

Senator Michael Benneter (D., Colorado) Re -advertising He depicts him wearing outdoor equipment and threw a flying fishing line into the Arkansan River.However, local records show that millions of rich merchants are not an ordinary fisherman.According to the activity, a one -day fishing permit was obtained to shoot advertisements. axisEssence

The new advertisement is the second advertisement last month, Bennet (Bennet People inside Washington, DC.

"The worst crime that any candidate can do is because of sincerity and counterfeiters," said Dick Wadhams.I have to answer this in the campaign. "

Bennet’s campaign did not respond to the request of the comment.

Bennet saw millions of dollars of net assets during the Senate, and he was running for the former carpenter and architecture CEO Joe O’Dea. Republicans are optimistic about Bennet’s seats in the low recognition rate of Biden history.According to FiveThirtyeight, Bennet vote within 98 %.

O’Dea’s campaign is trying to describe BenNet as a member of his hometown, and he has left his hometown and made a profit of profitable him as a senator.The campaign of O’Dea stated in a recent tweet that as the average cost of Colorado is paid by the grocery, Bennet is checking the "his stock investment portfolio".

His financial disclosure form shows that Bennet’s net asset value is worth $ 31 million.A large number of money is located in the Cayman Islands hedge fund. These forms of the same form, Make detailed accounting difficulties.?Bennet also prepared hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment funds for his children.

The Bennet’s "Flying Fishing Guide" in the advertisement is not an ordinary small businessman.On the contrary, he is Greg Felt, a commissioner of Chafe County, Greg Felt, and Colorado Governor Jarid Polis (D. According to a review of voting records in Colorado, Feel’s claim in the advertisement, heIt is not not completely correct, because he voted for Democrats in several election cycles he began in 2002.

Bennet’s advertisement will be a part of the $ 1.2 million advertising campaign launched in mid -July and will be broadcast in Colorado for two weeks.None of his advertisements mentioned some milestone bills that refer to the president of Joe Biden or Bennet, such as nearly $ 2 trillion in US rescue programs in the United States. Many economists call this soaringInflation has contributed.

This Free beacon Reported early this month Bennet’s first advertisement misleaded who funded his campaign.Bennet claims that he does not accept the company’s PACS or federal lobne campaign donation, although his campaign financial records show other situations.

Bennet was appointed as his former Minister of the Interior in 2009 as his former Ken Salazar.He received only 164 votes at the Edbalist view. In the preliminary election of New Hampshire, he withdrew from the 2020 presidential election.

A Trout Stream Near Luxembourg and Germany Is a Fly Fishing Oasis

A river hidden near Luxembourg and the German border is a wild brown home.This is a good place for flying fish, but for people who pass the time on the river and nearby forests, this is not just.

Cristta TarkraThis is a movie of Simon Kay and Fly Kreativ, which captures the magic and peace of Kirill in the area, and Kirill is a fisherman. He won the river.Lease of fishing rights.With the insight of the flying scientists, this film also discussed the efforts to protect the environment and use local crayfish to replenish.



Hatchery helps Ozarks trout fishing thrive

The smooth rainbow catfish fishing on the Baihe River below the beaver dam, the spacious is born in the transparent Owai stream.Their lives began in the Norkica National Fish National Fish Incubation Farm in the North Hatchery in the central and northern parts of the southern part of the mountain.

The incubation field is the largest federal catfish incubator in the United States, raising about 1.6 to 1.8 million rainbow each year, brown and Cutthroat catfish.These sought -after fish are mainly stored in the tail cavity below the beach, the bull shallow beach and the Norfolk dam.The incubation ground is located at the bottom of the Norfolk Lake Dam.

The incubation site told tourists that the free manuals of catfish occasionally cooperate with Akrust and Oklahoma to be stored in other waters.

A long time ago, the small mouth bass and other precious warm water fish bent on the fishing rod along the White River.It was before the beaver, the Bulls and Table Rock Dam turned the river into their reservoir of the same name.The Norfolk dam in the North fork of White River forms Norfolk Lake.The US Army Engineering Corps built a dam in the 20th century.Beaver was the last dam that was completed in the mid -1960s.

The water near the bottom of the lake is released to generate electricity, which is too cold for warm water species.The fisheries that fishermen like it are lost.

In order to make up for this loss, the Norfolk national fish incubation field opened in 1957 to raise catfish and create cold water fisheries.Today, catfish grows in the cold water flowing from the bottom of the dam.The water temperature in the beaver tail is about 55 degrees even in summer.This is the ideal temperature of catfish.

The catfish in the incubation field is about once a month.When most people go fishing, there are more fish in spring and summer.

Visitors are welcome to conduct self -guided tour to the incubation field from 7 am to 3 pm.See various sizes of catfish in the long -concrete track inside and outside the incubator building every day.The newly hatched fried fried fried in it almost no pencil point.Outside, catfish have 10 pounds and larger fins on several tracks.

Raising these catfish requires a lot of incredible water.Cold water comes from the depths of Norfolk Lake.It flows through the incubation field at a speed of 25,000 gallons per minute and reads information panels at the visitor center.The North fork feeded by the White River, Kobe Creek and other tributaries flowed into Norfolk Lake.

When the cold water was released from the incubation site, it flowed into the dry river.The rapid flow of flowing is the big head fishing and catfish destination of young fishermen.Big catfish is reserved in the stream.The 16 -year -old and below may be fishing in the stream with adults or liquid disorder fishermen.Imagine that the first fish of the light man was a happy choir on their faces when the trophy of the trophy.They may leave a dry river as a lifelong fishingman.

Bait cannot be used in streams.Only a bait with a single hook point is allowed.

For adults, the lower reaches of the Norfolk Lake Dam in the north of Baihe and the lower reaches of the Norfolk Lake Dam below the Bull Shoals dam.Camping, accommodation, tour guide’s fishing travel and walking fishing are close to Norfolk national fish incubation field.

To arrive there from Mountain Home, drive to Salesville 12 miles to Salesville 12 miles to Akenner 5.Xiong in Y to Aken Lusta 177.2 miles to the incubation field.

You can contact Flip Putthiff through

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