Field Report: Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack

Live report: Topo Designs x Howler Brothers Mountain Pack

  When I was lucky to receive a call from Howler Brothers, I asked me if I wanted to seize the opportunity through the latest cooperation test of the latest collaboration test with Colardo Topo Designs. I have been a loyal supporter of howler Bros., and I have heard a lot of good news about Topo Designs. This is my biggest harvest on the scene, and this durable and multifunctional packaging office.


  Durability and size

  These are usually the first two things I want to find when I choose a good packaging, and Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack provides these two charges. It is large enough to accommodate a pair of water -related machines, a flying rod and a scroll, and some flying boxes. The packaging also has "waterproof truck bundle base". It is as convenient in flying in a long day of hiking, and they are manufactured in Colorado. #Merica



  Unlike some major packaging companies that sacrifice the style in the name of technical performance, how to implement the form and functions of the design of howler bros. and Topo Designs attempts in the design of Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack. Topo is based on the design of the long -tested Mountain Pack, which is a popular itself. Whether you step on the commute bicycle to the office or climb the bald in the southern Abbarachia, you will look sharp when doing this.?26277100352_feb3a386a1_k_2048x2048


  This may be my favorite aspect, because I don’t like to have multiple projects that perform the same functions. Are there fewer things equal to more freedom? I have already used this packaging on the river while flying fishing, dragging it by remote, and almost every day to take the laptop to the office and coffee shop.



  Except for all other attributes, Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack is lightweight, sitting on your back. When it comes to work, it will blow the sweater I used from the water, and the sternum and belt make the long -distance trek the perfect partner in the long -term difficulty.

  Retailer: $ 198.00

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4 Must-Fish Trout Streams in Southwest Virginia

Four types of Taniyu Creek, which must be fishing in Virginia, Southwest

  For a long time, the old Dominion has been a highly sought -after destination from flies fishing fishermen from all over the country. The southwest corner of the state has some of the greatest appeal. From White Top Laurel Creek, wild catfish abound, to the south fork Holston River of the trophy, we have brought together some favorite people.
1. Whitetop Laurel Creek

  This is there, there are some of the best wild River in the whole southeast. For the fishingman, the place where the starting of WhiteTop is 6 miles below WhitePop and Green COVE CREEK. This marks the beginning of the artificial stretch of only 6 miles, and must be released all less than 12 inches. You can enter this way through Creek Janction Road in eastern Damascus. Those knowledgeable people said that the golden time on Whit Potter was in the spring month, when feeding catfish could almost throw away any stem flies.

?2. New River in Grayson County

  The new river is one of the oldest rivers on the North American continent. It has a strong fisheries. It is everything from the trophy small mouth and musk to corneal white spots, black crispy skin and the people of Redbred. In Virginia, Southwest, this kind of warm -water fisheries flow through Grayssen County, and provides the opportunity to capture a lifetime of small and medium -sized bass.

3. Great Wilson Creek

Big Wilson Creek was called one of the best fishers in Virginia by the Mount Rogers entertainment area. In the upper part of Big Wilson, you will find a large number of wild rainbow and stream catfish, seeking refuge in many deep water pools, and the protection of boulders on the size of the car. With the arrival of spring, it is time to start planning to travel to the Greater Wilson Creek. March is one of the most effective ways to fish for fishing and dried fly fishing.
4. Nanda Holston River

  The South Fork Holston River rises in Smyth County, Virginia near Sugar Grove, and is the location of the Virginia brown catfish record. It is also the source of the ends of the Holston River in northern Tennessee. The nearby Buller Fish incubation field produces Pike Muskellunge in the north, small mouth bass and corneal white spots, and 50,000 catfish per year. Although the stream itself is small, its fish is not. The remote properties of the region make the crowd less than many other Dayu streams in Virginia, Southwest.

Fridays on the Fly: Massive Musky Pulled From Fontana Lake

Friday immediately: the huge musk pulled out from Lake Fengtana

  Last month, a North Carolina fishingman was very pleasantly surprised when Fontana Lake was caught in a huge musk when Fontana Lake was caught in a huge musk.

  According to the North Carolina State Wildlife and Plant Resources Committee (NCWRC), Captain Kyle Fronrath of the Fontana guidelines performed 52 inches in late September and weighed as high as 32 pounds. This is 9 pounds worse than the entire country.

  "This is a long fish-52-inch-but the record volume of the Wild Animal Resources Committee is only 32 pounds, and the current record is 41.5 pounds," NCWRC spokesman Jodie Owen told "Ashville Citizen Times. "Therefore, it did not break the existing record."

  The fish was captured near the side of Odaka Lake in Fontana Lake, and was defeated in a 6 -minute battle. According to Fronrath, this seems to be even longer.

  FRONRATH said in his "Citizen Times" interview: "When trembling and trembling in the battle, the amount of water flowing is incredible." "This is a very stubborn battle. Everything happened so fast, but At the same time, just like slow movements. "

  It is worth noting that the Fronrath of musk captures wild varieties, not more common storage versions.


  Fonrath, who has the Fontana guidelines, has been pursuing Wild Mostky for ten years on Fontana, and his recent fishing marks are only his second contact during that time.

  Want to hook your musk wood? Click here to get a reminder about the fishing fly.