Artist Glo Ramirez, fly fishing films, helping youth cope with grief, and First Friday features

Glo Ramirez is a Puerto Rico artist and a guest of Lingítaaní. In the past six years, she regularly shows her illustration monster works.She said "I do cute but cool things" to describe her style.Her latest show opened on Alaska Robot Gallery on Friday.Ramirez sat down and discussed the art and discussed the art and discussed in this episode of Juneau Spend.

Similarly, in today’s show, we will hear the return of the flying movie tour. This is infinitely catfish and returns to you after two years of vacation.The foundation of the end of life will talk about their seminars here to help children and adolescents deal with sadness.Moreover, we will get the function of the first Friday from JAHC.


  • Jon Heifetz, The President of the Slim Sub -Society of Earfish
  • Monica Saosworth, Member of the board of directors, the unlimited Tongass branch of catfish
  • Seanna o’SullivanPresident, the end of life
  • Hal Geiger, Member of the board of directors, the end of life
  • Glo Ramirez, Artist
  • Kathleen Harper, Juno Art and Humanities Council, a century -old Hall house manager