Royal Coachmen, a Fly-Fishing Dinner Pop-Up Series, Is Chef Doug Adams’ New Outlet

Since 2021, Doug Adams has been the common owner of Bullard Tavern chef and Holler, and he has been looking for something to re -re -re -the root causeconnect.he is Royal coachThis is a cooking series created with Fly Fisherman James Park. This series combines sports and open cooking to conduct a unique cooking experience with river and streams in Oregon and other regions.

Adams believes that flying fishing actually saves his life.Following his appearance in Bravo Top chef In 2015, Adams (Adams) and the high -pressure environment of the prestigious restaurant should be stressed, depressed and disillusioned.

Adams said: "When you spend your life in the catering industry, for a long time, you have been told to keep exercise and keep your mind decline, which will lead to success." "In a sense,It will also have serious negative effects. "

At that time, he encountered Park, the owner of Red Truck Fly Fishing, and their love for outdoor, food and calm movement was combined.

Parker recalled: "I know he is a fisherman." "But he told me that he has not spent any time in the water since he moved to Portland, because he focuses on work in the kitchen. I know he is in the restaurant.The time is crazy and tired, so I encourage him to spend some time out of fishing, because nothing can restore the soul as if in nature. "

After Adams left his high -profile project, a cooperative pop -up dinner series seemed to be a natural next step.For Park, the connection between the company and the outdoor activities is "a natural way, you can find peace, establish contact with nature, and enjoy time with friends and family members."

Royal coaches provide abundant, simple, uncompromising delicious food, which can be cooked in camping.

Adams added: "There is a deep connection between fishing and cooking." "This requires a lot of things to gather together to obtain the successful experience of the two. The time of the year is the key you will use. TomatoIn August instead of December. Salmon is marching in May instead of marching. Both are really connected with nature when they are doing correctly. Just like a perfect dish, when everything is gathered, fishing is the sameWell. Do you have the right flight in the right water in the right time in the year? The spectacular things may happen. "