BRAD DYE: On River Time and changing lives through fly fishing

A peace can be found in the river and streams.When I hiking or camping, if there is a choice, I hope my tent is near the sound of flowing rivers, streams or Bab streams.This is a relaxed sound for me, even artificial, because I choose the most commonly choosing sound when I use the sleep sound machine.

There is no doubt that the sound and feeling of river and streams are one of the reasons I fall in love with flying fishing.As I wrote before, after a day of fishing, I left the water, and I felt changed. Capture catfish was just a beautiful reward in the process.

In the words of the author John Gierach, "I believe in solving any problem solutions-work, love, money, everything to fish, and the worse the problem, the longer the journey." Flying. "Flying."Fishing can escape the troubles of life, rest, recover, and cure at many times.

Google Search, which quickly searches for fishing therapeutic ability, reveals the benefits of holding on the water with the flies, from emergency personnel and disabled veterans to adults and children who abuse and abandon.

In a flying fishing journey at the recently in Id Owen’s Palisades Creek hotel, I have the opportunity to learn more about an organization based on Alabama Birmingham.

Steve Davis established a river time in 2012, "the child aims to help abuse and ignore children."

Non -profit organizations are currently cooperating with the large oak ranch in Alabama. Children’s House and Hope Children’s House and Creek Ranch, who are still in Texas, said, "LifetimeIt was once a child who had been a child who had been abused and ignored in his life. "

When Davis was established in the river era, he was a victim of abuse when he was a child. He tried to provide him with peace and clarity that he served him through the fly fishing on the snake river.According to Garner, in 2012, Davis shared his story at Davis’s director of Big Oak Ranch, John Croyle, and then, then, then,He asked him if he could bring a group of children and accompany the fly fishing, so that they could experience what he had experienced on the river.

Since the first trip ten years ago, the river has been busy affecting children’s lives.As Garner explained, CAMP provided an opportunity to tell each child in the "fish!" Of the river era: "You are not defined by what happened. You can have hope and future, and there areBeautiful days. "

The camp includes flying fishing for two days on the snake river, in the hut of Palisades Creek, and then white water rafting and one -day trip to Grand Teton National Park.

"We try to give them a world -class trip, which is very interesting, but in many cases, we talk deeply about things and let them know that they are valuable and valuable and love, and God has a plan." Ghana said: "This is once this is once it is a time.Good experience. "

In addition to the flying fishing experience in Edhata and the adventure experience of Wyoming, the group also provided a full-year program for young people aged 18-22. They planned from each house to university and university andProfession.

Representative success, opportunities, attitudes and toughness Soar is a life skills plan. The themes and guidance include etiquette courses and how to write thanks for your notes, communication and job search skills, resume writing, and simulation interviews.

Ghana said: "We focus on practical life skills to help them prepare for the success of independent adults." The organization also provides all year’s guidance and university and vocational scholarships to help success.

Speaking about children abuse.According to the data on the river time website: In the past year, one child has been abused or ignored. It reports 2.9 million cases of child abuse in the United States each year, and the possibility of being arrested for children to be arrested as a teenager is 59 %. In addition,The possibility of violent crimes is 30 % higher.

Steve Davis has a vision that affects these numbers, which is a vision of fishing.In his words, "My soul lifts up on this river, and I want to share this experience with these children."

If you want to participate in the vision, visit and donate.Until the next time, the time of the river here and the work of their abused and neglected children, here is changed in the river, here, here to meet you outdoors outdoors.

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