Field Report: Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack

Live report: Topo Designs x Howler Brothers Mountain Pack

  When I was lucky to receive a call from Howler Brothers, I asked me if I wanted to seize the opportunity through the latest cooperation test of the latest collaboration test with Colardo Topo Designs. I have been a loyal supporter of howler Bros., and I have heard a lot of good news about Topo Designs. This is my biggest harvest on the scene, and this durable and multifunctional packaging office.


  Durability and size

  These are usually the first two things I want to find when I choose a good packaging, and Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack provides these two charges. It is large enough to accommodate a pair of water -related machines, a flying rod and a scroll, and some flying boxes. The packaging also has "waterproof truck bundle base". It is as convenient in flying in a long day of hiking, and they are manufactured in Colorado. #Merica



  Unlike some major packaging companies that sacrifice the style in the name of technical performance, how to implement the form and functions of the design of howler bros. and Topo Designs attempts in the design of Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack. Topo is based on the design of the long -tested Mountain Pack, which is a popular itself. Whether you step on the commute bicycle to the office or climb the bald in the southern Abbarachia, you will look sharp when doing this.?26277100352_feb3a386a1_k_2048x2048


  This may be my favorite aspect, because I don’t like to have multiple projects that perform the same functions. Are there fewer things equal to more freedom? I have already used this packaging on the river while flying fishing, dragging it by remote, and almost every day to take the laptop to the office and coffee shop.



  Except for all other attributes, Topo Designs X Howler Brothers Mountain Pack is lightweight, sitting on your back. When it comes to work, it will blow the sweater I used from the water, and the sternum and belt make the long -distance trek the perfect partner in the long -term difficulty.

  Retailer: $ 198.00

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