Fridays on the Fly: Massive Musky Pulled From Fontana Lake

Friday immediately: the huge musk pulled out from Lake Fengtana

  Last month, a North Carolina fishingman was very pleasantly surprised when Fontana Lake was caught in a huge musk when Fontana Lake was caught in a huge musk.

  According to the North Carolina State Wildlife and Plant Resources Committee (NCWRC), Captain Kyle Fronrath of the Fontana guidelines performed 52 inches in late September and weighed as high as 32 pounds. This is 9 pounds worse than the entire country.

  "This is a long fish-52-inch-but the record volume of the Wild Animal Resources Committee is only 32 pounds, and the current record is 41.5 pounds," NCWRC spokesman Jodie Owen told "Ashville Citizen Times. "Therefore, it did not break the existing record."

  The fish was captured near the side of Odaka Lake in Fontana Lake, and was defeated in a 6 -minute battle. According to Fronrath, this seems to be even longer.

  FRONRATH said in his "Citizen Times" interview: "When trembling and trembling in the battle, the amount of water flowing is incredible." "This is a very stubborn battle. Everything happened so fast, but At the same time, just like slow movements. "

  It is worth noting that the Fronrath of musk captures wild varieties, not more common storage versions.


  Fonrath, who has the Fontana guidelines, has been pursuing Wild Mostky for ten years on Fontana, and his recent fishing marks are only his second contact during that time.

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