Reel Time: Wade in the water

  After working on the edge of the hole and the joints, it began to cast into the sandy area.Work close to the hole and gradually cast a longer time until it reaches the other side.During fishing, try to use a relatively (8 to 10 -foot) short leader of the transparent sink on the profile.

  In winter, the wading fish found the fishing fishermen in the apartment in the cold and low tide in the morning.Fish will enter some extremely shallow water to feed, so starting from shallow water, working towards deeper margins, always maintaining alert surface action to wake up or feed birds.

  If the fish is particularly weird or difficult to see, please try to stand and wait for them to come to you.If fish see them, try this method.Stay away from the area where you plan to fish, stay away from the ship, and let go of your visible potholes or sandy areas.By long -term casting, when the fish enters the hole or passes through a piece of sand, you can easily see the fish.Put yourself on the side of the grass, disappear on the grass, keep a low -key and stand still.When waiting for red, catfish, Snooker and other game fish, they will bring you great advantages.When you demonstrate, do not move quickly and lower your actor.It needs patience, but when all other problems fail, it can be effective.When you "enter", you will find some excellent fishing opportunities and be a reward, please do some exercise.