Patagonia Danner Wading Boots – Made in the USA

  Tired of wearing a pair of wading boots within two or three years, and then have to throw them into the garbage and get a new pair?Tired of uncomfortable wading boots can I accommodate a pound of water?Do you want to repair your boots instead of sending to the garbage landfill?If so, the new lineup of the new Batayonia wading boots built by Danner is exactly what you have been waiting for.

  The new river salt and foot tractor boots are built in Portland in Oregon, and can be repaired at the beginning of wear.The tractor is a rough boots of the two, equipped with three unique configuration -rattan rubber, felt or aluminum rod.River salt is a lighter weight boots. Under more prone to wading conditions, wet water -related, saline, or just want lighter weight to wading boots.Neither of these two boots have unnecessary fillers or foams to accommodate extra water and have a speed shoelace system, allowing you to tighten your boots quickly and safely.The design of the foot tractor and river salt boots lasts decades.Danner has been building some of the best boots since 1932, and the new Batayonia wading boots are no exception -if you want the best, you find it.