Oliver White on the Future of Fly Fishing, Fatherhood, and His Quest to Catch a Golden Masheer

The Wilderness story of the Snowman Film Tour in 2022 Recently, the open -air performance of its coast to the coast was encapsulated -too bad, if you never voted, it was so sad.But this is your salary award: Headline news on tour this year can be watched now … here is here.

Movie, One thousand actorsThis is a mix and match biography and incredible fishing adventure. It is one of Fly Fishing’s most popular fishermen Oliver White. At that time, he traveled to the kingdom of Bhutan to find Golden Mahseer.It is difficult to say what is more attractive -pursuing Mahseer or extraordinary wild life, these lives have brought white people to the doorstep of the world’s most remote fisheries.

When he was standing on the south fork of the snake river in Aidaho, we caught up with the white man and watched the ribbon’s braids in front of the famous southern fork Lodge.Kimmel bought the braid together.But this is another story.At present, please see the story of White’s recent life chapter.

I don’t want to destroy the storyline of the audience, but many people may not understand the challenges of obtaining the project permit.Tell me what the Bhutan royal family wants to do to get green lights.

When we filmed this movie, you cannot fish in Bhutan without the permission of the royal family.In addition, there is a river that can only be caught by the royal family members.However, we got a permission and agreed that one of the king’s bodyguards must be with me on that river.At least it can be said that this creates a very unique experience.

We filmed in November 2017. Feel Soul Media made its debut at the 2019 Mountain Film Festival in Terumo, Colorado, where I got Vimeo Staff Pick Award.A week later, we got a stop order from Bhutan.They asked us to cut anything to show the bodyguard.It was a pain.Then, the COVID hit rate, so the game was put on hold, and the delay continued to accumulate.

When you are in Bhutan, your wife is pregnant with your first son now.Many changes.You have a second child.Your iconic hut in Bahamas was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.Now, you have a new hotel in Aideho.In the movie, you say you find your own sense of goals from your feelings, and your terms are "unbalanced".Is there any change in this?

It’s not at all, guys.Part of my success is that I am grinding.I lowered my head and executed.When I was in this model of creation, this model of building things, I found a lot of fun in it, but it really needs crazy focus.When I was in Bhutan, the date of our first child was November 28, and I should have returned home around November 21.This situation cannot be resolved without any focus.

Everyone is talking about the balance of life, but for me, the key is to grind and solve these challenges, and then let themselves have time to play the air to see if they are and how and how to transfer gears.I have spent some of the most influential and most meaningful periods, surface surfaces and re -calibration behaviors.

One of the main fishing huts in North America seems to be influential and meaningful.Another stage of grinding?

This is a change of bitterness.My wife is Bahamas.My child is Bahamas.Bahamas is a great chapter in my life.But I love the West.This is a good place to support the family.I am glad to raise wild boys who are fishing, hunting and skiing.Yes.Another point.

Nancha is a stunning river.I met Jimmy in Bahamas, and we fished together for nearly ten years.Flying fishing is indeed one of his passions, and we are approaching the hotel like his second home.When he brought his friends and his family here, this was all of him.When he was not here, we were open to the public.

The opportunity here is shocking.Fishing is nice.Now, we can change some love to put some love in the southern fork hotel and have on -site ownership.

In most parts of the West, drought hammered some of our most iconic waters.In many areas, large pop people have been out of control.Climate change is enhanced throughout the ecosystem.It can be said that flying fishing in the United States is at the bending point.Obviously, you are optimistic about the future of flying fishing.Where is that enthusiasm?

I totally agree.Climate change is real, and it is happening and real impact.Body, you see it immediately in the West.We have the flood of Huangshi, and there are rivers in Montana have been in HOOT-OFL hours.I have done it all my life, and I have never seen the needs as I have seen now.

This is a double -edged sword.I hope people like what I love, but they must experience it first.People are worried that it will be loved by love.

But I think this is cool, so see how fly fishing develops with the development of these challenges.Ethics related to the fishingman has developed.From the wetness of the fish to the feedback resources, there are more serious efforts.Moreover, there are so many people chasing catfish, which is great. Now I think carp flying fish is cool.It is cool to take a small mouth bass.When I started guiding, everyone looked down on that pursuit.Therefore, I respect the fishermen very much, and these fishermen are pushing fishing.