Rocky Mountain National Park to host “Fly Fishing in the Rockies” August 16

Under the coordination with the National Disabled Sports Center (NSCD), Luoji Mountain National Park will host the "Luoji Mountain Flying Fishing" event on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.The event will be held on the long history of Holz Worth.From 9:00 am to noon, it is on the west side of the Luo Kikama National Park.This one -day event will include free flight fishing seminars suitable for individuals who are suitable for permanent disabled people.

During this event, participants will learn the basic knowledge of flying fishing, including how to read water and how to cast fish living in the park.The space is limited and requires high -level registration.To register, please visit or call 970-726-1518 to call the NSCD customer service number.

The plan will have an American sign language interpreter at the scene, which will provide adaptive fishing gear, and some fishing people can sit on a phishing place in a wheelchair.It will provide one -to -one fishing guide.

For more information about Luoji Mountain National Park, please call (970) 586-1206 to contact or visit