A Relaxing One-Day Float Trip: Packrafting and Fly Fishing the North Fork of the Gunnison River

Easy to float on a day of floating: Paclaf and Flying Diaoyu Gangnison River North fork

You don’t have to be an outdoor and outdoor or woman to enjoy Packrapting.This is an outdoor sports that is friendly to beginners, and it is interesting to everyone!(Braden Gunem photo)

The north fork of the Gunnison River in southwestern Colorado is an incredible place to visit, providing a moderate (or half -day) buoy for individuals and families.This is the first time I was introduced to the place where Alpacka Raft and Packrafting.

If you have never heard of or packrafting before, this is an interesting and exciting event that allows you to cross the land and water at the same time.A small light raft is called Packract.Due to its size and weight, you can easily bring the bag into your packaging with other gears.It is very suitable for short -distance and long -distance hikes, or when you want to float back to the initial position.

Alpacka raft scout packaging
Alpacka Raft’s scout is a light packaging, which is very suitable for short rivers.(Braden Gunem photo)

The packaging has various shapes, size and durability.The package you should get depends on which type of adventure you intend to use.Alpacka Raft has a variety of fillers, designed for all types of use.Whether you are a hunter or wanting to enter the wilderfunder who is difficult to touch the wilderness watercourse, you have experienced Afters, high -energy white water rapids like paddling, or a novice paddle, looking for a leisurely river floating experience, Alpacka Raft owns PackraptSuitable for this job.

In order to perform easy -to -float travel, such as floating Gunnison Hebei fork, I recommend Alpacka RAFT’s scout Packract.Its weight is only 3.8 pounds, which is very suitable for mountain lakes and short river floats.This is the packaging of the Gannison River that I floated last fall.The scouts are light and durable, and are built with a lightweight 210-Denier sylonic tube fabric (hull) and 420-Denier nylon (floor).

Hiking along the river
Parkv can make you combine your love for hiking and drift.(Braden Gunem photo)

The Gunnison River is through the southwestern part of Colorado and is considered one of the gold medal fishing water in the state. It provides high -quality brown, Cutthroat and Rainbow catfish.It winds through half of Colorado, and in the process of creating an amazing canyon and Class I.

Map of Xiagangnsen River in Colorado
North fork of the River Gogansen River in Colorado.(Google Map)

Although Gunnison River has become the favorite destination of extreme R children due to its fierce and fast -paced white water, it is also popular with easy -to -float and fishing journey.

Gangnison River in Colorado
The Gunnison River is one of the metal waters in Colorado.(Braden Gunem photo)

If you are pursuing a short painless hiking trip and relax on the water, consider the lower part of the drifting Gunnison River from Delta or above.This section is very suitable for family and fishermen, because the rapids flow of Bai Shui are very mild (only composed of level I), and it is just a short walk.In fact, this is the first time I have experienced Packrapting. From then on, I have a itch to return and do it again.

Floating along the river of Packraft
Nothing is easier than floating in the river.(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

In September last year, I met some of the outdoor industry professionals from the Alpacka Raft team and the Gunnison River Pleasure Park. I carried out a brief hiking trip and some leisurely buoys, and had some flying fishing.The Gunnison River Pleasoning Park is located in the place where the Gunnison River in the Gunnison River in the North fork and Colorado.This is a good place for parking and entering the river for rowing and fishing.

Packrapting Gunnison River in Colorado
Packrafraf on the North fork of Gunnison River in Colorado.(Braden Gunem photo)

The co -founder and owner of Alpacka Raft, Thor Tingey, brought two Packract models that day. We can float on the same day and scouts (a ultra -light PackRaft) and Ranger (a single hunting and fishing and fishing).The scout is part of the Alpacka RAFT ultra -light series and will become an excellent beginner of the family.It is an ideal size ship used for solo paddlers. It is durable and can be used daily on lakes and rivers.The larger forest guard is part of the remote area hunter and fishing series. This series is designed for athletes and women who want to enter the Wilderness Waterway.Forests are first -class river hunting and fishing bags.It is large enough to carry all fishing gear and coolers.You can use it for water poultry hunting and have space to bring your bird dog.It also has a large number of mid -to -large games (such as reindeer or deer) load capacity.

Learn how to inflate Packrat
The co -founder and owner of Alpacka Raft, Thor Tingey, demonstrated how Packrapts was inflated.(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

After reviewing the function of Packrafts, Tingey and his team demonstrated how to use inflation bags to properly expand ships.(Scouts and rangers have inflation bags.) Filling Packrapts is much simpler than I expected.

I paired with the boy Army Parkov.Rolling up, the scouts can easily suitable for most standard size hiking kits to facilitate carriers.I happened to use my small and powerful snowman crossroads of 22 liters, so I used several recommenders to fix the rolled rafts on it.It’s great!Who knows that carrying a boat/raft may be so easy?

Put the rolling Packract in the backpack
The boy’s Army Parker rolled up enough to carry it in the backpack.(Braden Gunem photo)

Once we are all ready to inflatable and store our packaging, each of us is tied to the personal floating device (PFD) and starts on foot on foot along the North fork of the Gunnison River.Soon after, we needed to continue hiking along the other side.For the sake of crossing the river, we used a basic paddle technology called "Ferry Side".We face the upstream bags of the upstream bags from a certain angle, and then quickly draw paddle to avoid downstream promotion.We arrived on the other side of the river one by one, then packed the boat and took the trail.Surprisingly, the canyon was not crowded at all.We saw other flies fishingrs and several kayak athletes, but this was almost the same.

Gangnison River in Colorado
Don’t forget your camera!(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

Make sure to bring the camera because the scenery during the walking is amazing!From the glittering river to the canyon wall with ancient rock layers and the swallow nest, there are many opportunities for photos.However, be careful, plants along the river are scattered with poisonous vines. Therefore, if you plan to make this trip, consider wearing trousers and lightweight long -sleeved shirts.(If you are not familiar with poisonous vines and how to identify poison, please do some research in advance. You should know how to identify poison IVY and any other toxic plants, and then perform any type of outdoor adventure.)

Cliff Swallow Nest
The cliff swallows built nests by the cliff.(Jessyca Sortillon photo)

We traveled for a few hours, appreciated the beautiful scenery, and then stopped half of the lunch until we reached the end of the trail.This is the point where we plan to jump into Mrs. Parker and follow the north fork of the Gunnison River, and return to the trail of our start.If you travel with your children, you can jump into the river at any time.You don’t need to hiking for a few hours to make the family interesting.

This is a long and relaxed afternoon floating along the river.We occasionally pull to the side, get rid of the dilemma, and do some flying fishing.We also fish directly from the raft when floating, although the current is difficult.I hooked two fish that day, but unfortunately, they broke before I had the opportunity to get in.

Fishing from packrapt
You can fish from packaging products, you can fish from PACK, and then go out to fly fish.(Braden Gunem photo)

I found that the Tsingtong Army simply opened and inflated, and it was easy to manipulate on the river and river.Like myself and paddle, I installed a backpack comfortably, a small dry bag, and an orvis Helios 3F 5 weight rod with a phantom scroll, still there is still space.For a longer river trip, the ranger will be more ideal, because it provides additional carrying capacity, which means more gear space.

When we finally arrived at the trail, we left the river, packed the suitcase, and enjoyed a well -deserved beer.

Packrafting and Fly, Diaoya, Gonnison River in Colorado
It is planned to be packaged all day or half a day, and provides a flying fishing trip to the family on the Gunnison River.(Braden Gunem photo)

Planning outdoor vacation may be difficult, which will make the entire family please.If you are looking for a family -friendly outdoor event with flying fishing opportunities, I suggest you get some Packrapts and plan to float under the Rakaigansen River in Colorado.My first hit experience was an explosion!I can’t wait to return there, looking forward to re -examining the river with my family.

The story of Alpacka Raft began in 2000. At that time, Sheri Tingey combined his kayak and clothing design knowledge with his son Thor’s idea to create better packaging for remote areas.They jointly created their first packaging "White Ship", which is very popular for the Paclaf community.

The company recently celebrated 20TH Anniversary and its founder, the movie "Sheri".How Sheri completely changed the story of the outdoor industry and the obstacles she had to overcome to launch Alpacka Raft, which was absolutely fascinating.If you are interested in watching this movie, visit https://alpackaraft.com/sheri to get more information and the upcoming viewing opportunities.

Inflatable sheepstone raft Packrapt
Use inflation bags to inflatter the bag.(Braden Gunem photo)

Inflatable sheepstone raft Packrapt
If you have a pump, use it to stand out in the air in the box.(Braden Gunem photo)

Poisonous vine on the tree
Poisonous plants contain Uluchitol, which is an oily substance that may cause allergic reactions.(John_p_anderson / Shutterstock photo)

These attractive phrases can help you identify the characteristics of poisonous vines:

Destination PA: Fly Fishing at Allenberry Resort

Pennsylvania’s boiling spring water (WHTM) -This hidden resort is the cold water with yellow horse pants streams.

The inventory of Allenberry Resort has attracted Fly Fishers every year, and 36,000 catfish are released each year, including Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trown.

Jim Burdick, Maryland, has been here for ten years, and said, "This is a world -renowned fisheries, very pleasant, this property is great."

The property has three different huts, three historic houses and six huts.according to Visit the Campland ValleyThe legend is that it is the uncle of the American folk hero Davie Crockett first settled in the yellow horse trousers sitting in the Allenberry Resort today.

Four Seasons Flying Fishing Guide Eugene "Geno" Giza said people continue to return to the area because they think "feel like going home."

"This is just a good atmosphere, people are very friendly. You have magnificent catfish flow, you have magnificent accommodation."

According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Shipbuilding Commission, although the most popular fishermen may be catfish, in summer, when insects hatch on rivers and lakes, flying fishing is also a good way to roll in sea bass rolling in sea bass.Essence

You can buy fishing permits in Pennsylvania online or in person.

Find more access places on the destination PA.

Colorado Dem Obtains 24-Hour Fishing License To Shoot Campaign Ad

Senator Michael Benneter (D., Colorado) Re -advertising He depicts him wearing outdoor equipment and threw a flying fishing line into the Arkansan River.However, local records show that millions of rich merchants are not an ordinary fisherman.According to the activity, a one -day fishing permit was obtained to shoot advertisements. axisEssence

The new advertisement is the second advertisement last month, Bennet (Bennet People inside Washington, DC.

"The worst crime that any candidate can do is because of sincerity and counterfeiters," said Dick Wadhams.I have to answer this in the campaign. "

Bennet’s campaign did not respond to the request of the comment.

Bennet saw millions of dollars of net assets during the Senate, and he was running for the former carpenter and architecture CEO Joe O’Dea. Republicans are optimistic about Bennet’s seats in the low recognition rate of Biden history.According to FiveThirtyeight, Bennet vote within 98 %.

O’Dea’s campaign is trying to describe BenNet as a member of his hometown, and he has left his hometown and made a profit of profitable him as a senator.The campaign of O’Dea stated in a recent tweet that as the average cost of Colorado is paid by the grocery, Bennet is checking the "his stock investment portfolio".

His financial disclosure form shows that Bennet’s net asset value is worth $ 31 million.A large number of money is located in the Cayman Islands hedge fund. These forms of the same form, Make detailed accounting difficulties.?Bennet also prepared hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment funds for his children.

The Bennet’s "Flying Fishing Guide" in the advertisement is not an ordinary small businessman.On the contrary, he is Greg Felt, a commissioner of Chafe County, Greg Felt, and Colorado Governor Jarid Polis (D. According to a review of voting records in Colorado, Feel’s claim in the advertisement, heIt is not not completely correct, because he voted for Democrats in several election cycles he began in 2002.

Bennet’s advertisement will be a part of the $ 1.2 million advertising campaign launched in mid -July and will be broadcast in Colorado for two weeks.None of his advertisements mentioned some milestone bills that refer to the president of Joe Biden or Bennet, such as nearly $ 2 trillion in US rescue programs in the United States. Many economists call this soaringInflation has contributed.

This Free beacon Reported early this month Bennet’s first advertisement misleaded who funded his campaign.Bennet claims that he does not accept the company’s PACS or federal lobne campaign donation, although his campaign financial records show other situations.

Bennet was appointed as his former Minister of the Interior in 2009 as his former Ken Salazar.He received only 164 votes at the Edbalist view. In the preliminary election of New Hampshire, he withdrew from the 2020 presidential election.

Best Saltwater Fly Fishing: 6 Great Locations for Avid Anglers

Salt water fishing is a different experience.If you ask any enthusiastic fishermen, what is their favorite fish and fly, then they are likely to name saline.This is a rush of adrenaline, and freshwater fish cannot compete with it.Capturing rainbow catfish and sea bass instantly exploded, but saline fishing proposed unparalleled challenges.People travel globally to find a feeling of instant landing salt fish.If you are looking for the best place to land for the trophy, or sneaky in the apartment, please check these best salt water flying destinations.

The best saline flying fishing

Louisiana is famous for its CAJUN food, duck hunting and carnival, and is usually ignored the best destination for saltfish fishing, but it should not be the case.The end of the dead fly fisherman knows that the end of the boots is the world’s red fish capital, which is sufficient.In spring and summer, red fish bulls gathered in large schools near Louisiana’s coast to prepare for spawning.Assuming that the weather is good, it is not uncommon to capture 20 or more fish on any day.If it is correct, it is likely to capture the chance of more than 40 pounds of cow red.If you are looking for a sleeper destination that will not destroy the bank, please be south of New Orleans.

The best saline flying fishing

It is difficult to list the best saline flying destinations without mentioning Belize.The Caribbean country near the northeast coast of Central America has long been a list of wishes for anyone who likes flying fish for a long time.Belize is a small country, but it also accommodates a group of very diverse salt water fish, as well as the best flying fishing huts in the world.Whether you want to land in Tappen, allow or bone fish, Britz has some best opportunities, whether your skill level.The flight to Belize is quite cheap. There are many budget hotels in the coast that can transform this trip from dream to reality.

The best saline flying fishing

Andros Island is widely known as the bone fish capital of the world. If you have the opportunity to visit, you will quickly understand the reason.Andros is the largest island of Bahamas, located in the northeast corner of the island chain shop.This place represents fishing in its purest form, with flying fishing wizards almost every corner, and incredible fishing culture.Residents are usually willing to provide suggestions on where they enter the water to capture trophy bone fish.Some flying fishing huts may be expensive, but through some plans and research, DIY flight travel is very affordable. It can provide some exquisite fishing, incredible scenery, and the best food tasting in history.

If your goal is to achieve the Grand Slam, then there is no place better than Mexico’s Pomatar Allen.Ascension Bay’s saline level is equipped with bone fish and allowed, and also provides many opportunities for Tarpon and SNOOK.About a hundred miles south of Cancún, flying fishing in Punta Allen is incredible throughout the year, and its highest productive fishing occurs early spring.Punta Allen is mainly a fishing village, so find a fly fishing guide to show you some of the best local attractions will not challenge.Most of the guidelines in the area provide half of the affordable and all day trips.Just make sure your tip!

The best saline flying fishing

Sun Guangzhou provides some incredible flies fishing along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.The southwest coast near Sarasota Bay, for the saline species we all like to chase, the environment is better.Whether you are looking for a jack, red fish, Snooker or Tappen, you will see many actions in this part of the Bay.From the perspective of the fishingman, a disadvantage is that the bay is highly commercial, which is okay for this beautiful place.It is difficult to find the ground without a resort, so basically it is necessary to experience the incredible fishing that the area must provide.Shipping is usually directed, but don’t be frustrated -in this field, people have been seeking some incredible guidelines for sharing their knowledge with enthusiastic fishermen.

The best saline flying fishing

On my last wish list, the time to fish in Cuba is longer than I remember.Unfortunately, it is still there.However, I have lived through many visited friends and envy their endless bone fish. As the eyes can see in Cayo Largo.In the past sixty years, Americans have basically impossible to visit Cuba.Because most travel restrictions have been canceled, we can now fly directly from Miami to Cuba, and enjoy a beautiful Caribbean culture, strong history, and of course, and there are unbelievable flies fishing.The bone fish you discovered in Cuba will stand out from Bernabitz and Florida. That’s all, the whole journey is worth it.Despite the headache and finding reliable guidelines in the travel process, nothing was defeated than Cuba’s bones.

One of the greatest things for fishing may be where it will take you.The point you will see, the great figure you encounter in each city, the food, culture and the community around the fishing lifestyle.If you have a list of destinations, you can land at any time, please go to one of these places.This will be worth it.

Read more: We ranked in the top 5 catfish and flies in the United States

Introductory Fly Tying Course Offered in New London

Kyle Glencross: (603) 271-3212
Lisa Collins: (603) 271-3212
September 16, 2022

Conkd, New Hampshire -The registered and opening up of the only fishing and fishing class in this fall, which will be held on October 22 at the Treyi Memorial Library in New London on October 22.The upcoming winter course will be held in the entire granite state from January to March 2023, including various hands -on activities, as well as the opportunities of beginners and intermediate participants to learn to enable the flying art and self -reward and reward of the flightTips are exciting.

In October this year, the writer will be led by Master Fly Tier, let us go to the fishing coach Scott BIRON."All participants will learn how to bind the flight mode commonly used in the waters of New Hampshire. It will introduce to beginners to introduce the basic tools and materials needed to use all basic tools and lock the flies, and the participants will also understand the imitation of flies."

The pre -register of this free day seminar needs to be performed, and it is available first.No experience.This course is limited to 10 years of age 15 and above.All program materials and equipment will be provided.

Today, I visit https://nh-events-web.s3licensing.com/event/allevents?EventTypeid=161&CLassActivity=20.

New Hampshire’s "Let us go fishing" program in New Hampshire taught thousands of children and adults to be safe, moral and successful fishermen.Learn more information by visiting www.fishnh.com/fishing/lgf-schedule.html.The plan is funded by wild animals and plants and sports fish repair plans.

Hill worker wins two bronze medals at fly fishing tourney

Audrey Wilson is a Hill employee employee of the Air Force Material Command (Hill Mediel Command Management). He won two two in the Fly Casting World Championships held in Norway from August 11th to 13th from August 11th to 13th.Bronze medal.She won medals in the accuracy of catfish and SeatReout, and won the medal at a speed of 45.5 meters.Wilson recently transitioned from the Ogden Air Logistics, a member of the American actor team.

Vista Lands Iconic Fly-Fishing Brand Simms

As all the experienced flies are known, the river tends to achieve a perfection in the decline of the day.The drifting boat left the water, and the wind of casting after frustration often faded away. The water -like water of the river reflected the vegetables, brushes, brushes and poplars of the Yangbang.

When the catfish began to eat the incubated insects, the magic window began to slowly, and the decree was put on the surface with spots, as if the rain was falling.Then, the feeding reached a boiling point, revealing the seemingly impossible fish.In the process of one day, many outdoor activities have golden moments, and it is the highest experience for fishermen of stem flies. This is it.

As any business consultant will tell you, preparing for the right time in life is a key part of success, no matter how you define it.For Vista Outdoor CEO, part -time Montana residents and enthusiastic flying fishermen Chris Metz studied Bozeman, headquartered in Simms fishing products in Montana, beganNearly ten years ago.The various clothing and equipment designs produced by this iconic company are used to discriminate against fishermen.Simms is a metaphorical 27 -inch brown catfish, lurking in the shadow, only occasionally surfaced and casting as much as possible. No one can land.

In other words, it was completed until Mess recently made a perfect actor to complete the transaction by making perfect actors.You will not become the CEO of the world’s largest outdoor company (40 brands in the investment portfolio, nearly 7,000 employees) without a skilled speech.He has met K.C., the owner and executive chairman of Sims for many years, Walsh for many years, it is obvious that WALSH is most worried about the company’s turn to the right owner.The fishing community will continue to support the vision of protecting the cause.

"The entire vision, we all strive to protect and support our land and waters." "But we try our best to make our brand a bipolarist. I don’t care if you are left or right, we are not interested in alienation.In my opinion, there is no victory in doing this. I am not a legislative expert, that is not our job. "

The 66 -year -old Casey Sheahan brought into WALSH from Patagonia, some of the purpose to help the company sell, although Patagonia’s famousThe history of political actionism, but still shared the worldview.That company turned around vote Advertising activities before last election.Although it is unclear who is the bastard.The founder of Battaneia, Yvon Chouinard, has served as the role of Edward Abbey’s classic environment. Monkey wrench gangEssenceYou can have a series of Patagonia Hayduke!The clothes are far behind?

Sheahan said to Forbes last year: "As a company, we need to represent something, otherwise we have nothing. We prove this by protecting healthy fish and habitat."

That spell is their company slogan, and you will get a lifetime.Fishing is good.This line is a brand fable, which means that it means to be a fishingman and a fish that the fish calls home. That is to say, payment is more important than paying.

Walsh acquired Simms in 1993 and developed the company into a practical and ideal lifestyle brand.I used to be a part -time resident of Montana (about ten years), and Sims clothing is a standard issue within two miles of the state in the state.

Over the years, their clothing and equipment functions, durability and good appearance have always been the brand’s logo.Putting on a wading (by the way, made in the United States) or a guide, your trend is to become a brand ambassador.This is most of the company’s success.

"We think Sims has the potential to become the north." "Fishing is one of the most vibrant areas in the outdoor space, but fishing (although the fishing is small) faster than other fishing departments.It seems to be resistant to recession. "

As locking forced people to leave cities across the country, Americans have been pouring outdoors, and Vista is a company, a wider beneficiary of a wider sports, and can return to nature.In the first half of 2021 and 2022, the profit was very strong. The company completed 7 acquisitions in the past 18 months. The bank believes that the trend of people outside the outside world is not only a fashion.

"We regard SIMMS as an anchoring point for the new fishing platform in Vista Outdoor." "See the center of fishing as the center of a dart-as we are wider in this category, Bait, etc. may be poles, scrolls, bait, etc. "

For Mess, this is a two -way street."We looked at the two from things that can bring Simms and they added to Vista Outdoor. We have established the so -called excellence and ideological leadership center within the company." He said."We ask what technologies we can use, platforms and data trends to create more effective loyalty and affinity plans for companies we have obtained … We said nothing we can purchase goods from more and more suppliers."

Because many companies in the outdoor industry are scrambling to establish channels that are directly facing consumers, Vista Outdoor will adopt a methodical method."When we get a brand with retail stores, just like Sims, we are organically becoming more direct consumers. In the past, we rely on others to tell our story, but now we want to control the narrative of narratives now. We want to be anywhere that someone wants to shop. We also want to pay attention to that we are a consumer product company, not a retail company, so we will be cautious and deeply considered to retail methods. "

He landed in Simms a lot.

Heavy rain impacts North Shore rivers as fall fly fishing heats up

In recent days, the heavy rain has made the streams and rivers on the north banks steadily flowing again. As the water flow increases, it invites an inland spawning from Lake Subrich.

The fishery director Cory Goldsworthy, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Minnesota, said: "The first few rain activities in September were essential for the fishermen of autumn fish and fishing fishermen in September." "The increased traffic clears all the gravel rods that may be cut down from the lake, so that the fish can enter the river during the spawning period. "

From September 15th to 17th, rainfalls often occur in most WTIP listening areas.The Grand Marais region of Lake Superior saw about 2 inches of rainfall, and the area of the Gunflint trail is more than 4 inches or more.

GOLDSWORTHY told WTIP that the increase in the rivers also marked that the conditions of the autumn fish are correct. "If the water temperature is cold enough, we should start seeing salmon, steel head and Brook catfish began to enter the river."

DNR reports that pink salmon is the richest species observed in the autumn spawning run.In September, they began to migrate and seek spawning area in the tributaries of Lake Sepyel, especially after the continuous rain observed by most WTIP listening areas from September 15th to 17th.According to DNR, according to the differences in this year, the number of pink salmon is usually good, and you can gather near the estuary near the estuary.

In October, the local roller coaster cowia will migrate to the tributary of Lake Subrich and the spawning of the shallow beach area.DNR pointed out that although there are few Coho and Chinook Salmon successfully breeding on the north coast of Minnesota, the operation of these species is also limited to entering tribute in October.

Many fishermen choose to fish for fishing when pursuing cosmetic fish in spring, and fall along many north bank rivers and streams.When it comes to fishing, the event attracts the images of many spiritual fishermen: remotely controlling streams, wading and suspension hats, circulating circular lines from rolling dances behind the sun.

Then there is a canoe version of the Cook County: Drag fishing.

Fishing on the inland lake northeast of Minnesota is not always fancy or romantic.In fact, the flies that look like a MIN fish are a good way to hunt from the canoe in Cook County.And there is no better season than falling.In the latest episodes of WTIP outdoor news podcasts, the host Kalli Hawkins and Joe Friedrichs learned this first -hand.Kalli and Joe recently dragged Clouse’s laughter on the local lake.

In this episode, local fishermen and flying fishing coaches Michael heroes also appeared.Heroes are a special fisherman who often flows into the north coast of Separier. He has a view on fishing in Cook County in autumn.

A Trout Stream Near Luxembourg and Germany Is a Fly Fishing Oasis

A river hidden near Luxembourg and the German border is a wild brown home.This is a good place for flying fish, but for people who pass the time on the river and nearby forests, this is not just.

Cristta TarkraThis is a movie of Simon Kay and Fly Kreativ, which captures the magic and peace of Kirill in the area, and Kirill is a fisherman. He won the river.Lease of fishing rights.With the insight of the flying scientists, this film also discussed the efforts to protect the environment and use local crayfish to replenish.



Wild Water Fly Fishing Joins Forces with King Eider Communications

Few fishing moments have iconic or pure moments like perfect flies -carefully deposit the dry water on the dry water, and then disappear into the mouth of hungry catfish.Whether it is the classic free swimming stream, it is located above the northern lake or practicing on the tiny mountains and rivers. Fly Fishing combines our ordinary fishing heritage with the future of light. It is expected to fool catfish more and more.Bass, musk, and handmade feather products.And fur.Wild water fly fishing is expected to expand the ranking of contemporary flies fishing by unique and comprehensive fly fishing necessities, and enhances its own brand awareness by cooperating with King Eider Communications.

"I have flying fishing in my DNA," Eric Dodds, the founder and president of Wild Water Fishing Company."I have created wild water to help the first scholars who guides the novice fishing, and the parents and grandparents of family heritage with their children and grandsons. Wild water clothing provides you with the equipment and information required for success-from the pole to the reference guide and twoAll the contents between people-make sure you have a good start in using the best tools and the best education. "

Wild water fishing is the only company that focuses on the price of all fish and is easy to use.Whether your weekend plan requires the lakes in wild and remote streams, rainbow and shear bass and musk, or red fish and spots on the apartment, wild water has completed a heavy move, and you have chosen to start flying fishing., Design and design and test each kit and components to make them perfect.Flying fishing requires some special skills -from ending to casting, to choosing water, plus water -wild water provides free information and friendly support to answer each question and solve every problem you may encounter.

"The successful people I trusted in the outdoor market strongly recommended the communication of King Eider in the outdoor market." "Their team not only knows and understands the flying of fishing, but also their deep contact in the fishing industry will beIt helps the awareness of wild water and become a recognizable and respected brand. The King of Edie will tell our story and tell us that our work and consumers will be different. "It is better."

Strategic communication and outdoor marketing experts, King Jin’s communication was led by the founder and industry senior Dena WoErner-Vick, bringing innovation, decades of experience, and in-depth understanding of Sportfishing Marketplace to achieve the efforts of wild water flies fishing for fishing.EssenceWoErner-Vick pointed out: "Our team is excited about the opportunity to cooperate with wild water fishing." "In the past few months, we have been throwing flies to the west and westFish, in the wilderness in Saskatchewan, Tarpon and Tarpon and Snook on the coast of Florida. Fishing everywhere-increasingly expanded-Ed (EIDER) King Eider Communications (King Eider Communications) is ready to push wild water fishing to the awareness of the brand awareness of the industry and the brand’s brand. "

The future of flying fishing is more bright than ever.Wild water flying fishing with the communications of the King of Ed.join us!

Eider King Communications is a comprehensive service agency that focuses on fishing, hunting and outdoor markets. Through decades of public and media experience experience, brand strategic development and implementation, and in -depth connection with local and non -flow brands, it has obtained it.Enhancement.Eider King Communications provides excellent performance with each editor.Our improvement of customers’ products and expanding their information, prompting consumers to make wise and enthusiastic purchase decisions.

Wild water flying fishing represents the dedication spirit of gathering friends and family.If you are a parent or grandparents who want to cultivate children’s interest in flying fishing, then Wild Water provides you with the best tool for your flying fishing journey and make your experience unforgettable.Wild water fishing is the only company that focuses on the price of all fish and is easy to use.Visit us through www.wildwaterflyfishing.com to learn more about wild fishing.